Prashant Rele

Prashant Rele


Mr. Prashant Rele is a qualified Pharmacist and also has an MBA in marketing. He has more than 35 years of experience in the sales and marketing of pharmaceuticals both in the domestic and international markets. He has worked as Marketing Manager in companies, like Upjohn Inc., USV Pvt. Ltd. etc... 

During the early 90s, the Indian pharmaceutical scenario was undergoing a paradigm shift with Indian companies keen on expanding their global footprint. One such company that was at the forefront of this global drive was Ranbaxy.

Mr. Rele got an opportunity to work with Ranbaxy in its International Division. It is at Ranbaxy, he got an opportunity to learn and study the nuances of international pharma business which also included the regulatory landscape. Being an entrepreneur at heart Mr. Prashant Rele became the first-generation businessman in 2009 when Innorex Pharmaceuticals was incorporated. Since its inception, it has been his constant effort to build an organization that is transparent, honest and ethical. 


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