CFO Service

CFO Service


The need of the hour in today’s dynamic business environment is to have a dynamic Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who not only manages financial health of the organization but also keeps pace with all the regulatory requirements as well. The CFO today:

  • Supports the CEO in managing the Organisation and many times effectively steps in the shoes of a CEO, whenever required, to effectively run the organisation.
  • Most of the times he acts as an accelerator or a speed breaker depending upon the requirements of the Organisation.
  • Brings professional approach in doing business with system driven decision making.
  • He is a conduit between the Organisation and Investors/Lenders and helps creating a better impression of the Organisation in front of them.

It is said that giving advice is the easiest thing that one can do as the implementation is not necessarily a part of the assignment. We believe in advising corporates on various issues not restricting to the financial management and designing the strategies, but also help them in implementing these strategies with the help of Senior Management to achieve the expected goals of the organisation.


  • Preparation of yearly budgets and monthly reviews.
  • Preparation of monthly cash flow forecast and monitoring of cash flow.
  • Accounting services comprising of the following:
    • Documentation of the MIS requirement.
    • Designing of account head structure as per the requirements of MIS and for Compliance with statutory requirements.
    • Designing of accounting documentation like travel claim vouchers, receipt and payment vouchers, sales bills, etc.
    • Maintenance of books of accounts as per statutory requirements.
    • Preparation of MIS Reports at agreed intervals.
    • Preparation of profit and loss account and balance sheet by complying with INDAS.
    • Advice in connection with deduction of tax at source from salary and other payments liable to withholding tax and issue of certificates of deduction of tax at source.
    • Monitoring of Payment of statutory dues like
      • Tax withheld from salary, professional fees, rent, etc.
      • Advance tax of the entity.
      • Profession Tax of the entity and of the employees.
      • Provident fund of employees.
      • GST
  • Monitoring the Compliances under Companies Act 2013.
    • Maintenance of statutory Registers like Directors register, shareholders Register, fixed assets register, etc.
    • Maintenance of minutes of directors and shareholders meetings.
    • E Filing of documents to the company registrar’s office.
    • Issue and transfer of shares.
    • Secretarial audit.
  • Monitoring Filing of returns.
    • Return of income.
    • Returns of tax deducted at source.
    • GST Returns.
  • Co-ordination in Auditing Services.
    • Statutory audit under Companies Act 2013.
    • Tax audit under Income tax Act 1961.

Co-ordination with Legal Advisors for various legal issues that may arise during the normal course of business.


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